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test post

Posted on 2009.04.11 at 00:06
another test?
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Test Post

Posted on 2009.04.10 at 23:55
This is a test post to examine database integrity.
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Joining Another Social Network; Be My Friend?

Posted on 2009.04.08 at 11:48
From kindergarten to high school and college to book clubs, people in today's society like to belong even when they don't really participate. With online groups like Facebook, MySpace, and now even Twitter, you can experience the thrill of being "accepted" and listed as a "top friend" without really committing to anything at all. The general complaint that these people aren't really your friends is moot; either you choose to associate with them or you don't.

One way to look at this phenomenon is the celebrity aspect; if enough people think that you're important or a VIP, then you are. While some people seek out this celebrity status on their own and aspire to it, others are happy on the sidelines just being close to it, whether they're riding the coattails of celebrity or just feel more important brushing up against it.

Normally, celebrity is the opposite of anonymity (and all that that implies), meaning that you may be recognized anywhere and at any time. Online celebrity, however, has the benefit of being someone without being anyone and only on your terms, a comfortable place to be accepted before slipping out to the store "unnoticed and unrecognized."

Back when there was only instant messaging on AOL, there was a sort of comfort seeing an actual friend or relative suddenly appear on your buddy list. Even if you weren't talking to them, you knew that they existed, were still around, and was obviously doing something meaningful online (or not). In a lonely room or house far away, it's instant companionship sans interaction through the miracle of electronic voyeurism (that is what you signed up for, right?)

Now that IMs are being replaced with micro-blogging apps like Twitter, thoughts go out at 140 characters at a time. Not only are your "friends" there but you know what they're thinking, doing, and in many cases advertising. The bad news is that Twittering, like any social network, can be abused like anything else or turned into yet another corporate mouthpiece selling energy drinks, but the good news is that you don't have to subscribe to anyone you don't want to (and can cancel at anytime).

So, who wants to be my friend? I promise to only spam you when I'm selling something or have have something deeply profound to say.
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Poorly-Worded Laws & Underaged Sex Offenders

Posted on 2009.03.27 at 08:35
Have you heard about the 14-year old New Jersey girl who photographed herself nude and posted the images to a website, presumably to entice a boy to look in her direction? According to Megan's Law, the girl herself is now being threatened to have to register herself as a sex offender for posting her own images as a minor.

Of course, Disney "High School Musical" starlet Vanessa Hudgens practically did the same thing just after turning eighteen (and sent the images via cell phone), so the idea isn't new. Would they have made HER register if she were still seventeen? And what's next? Teen-aged boys who have to register themselves if they get caught by their parents playing with themselves in the bathroom? Thirty days in jail will teach you to stop having wet dreams, young man!

Fix the language of these so-called child protection laws, please. It's bad enough that schools teach abstinence-based sex education as if gender and child bearing didn't exist, but as soon as anyone suddenly becomes aware of their own sexuality, anything they do is assumed to be deviant behavior. It's not like these kids have an valid instruction manual or, you know, responsible parents.
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An International Currency for a New World Order

Posted on 2009.03.25 at 12:21
Anyone listening to talk radio has been getting an earful of what's starting to crop up into the news: Republicans vs. Democrats and their plans within plans. Republicans just want to be rich and keep the poor where they are, while Democrats are transforming the United States into a Socialist and destroy Capitalism in all its forms.

Only slightly more sinister would be an over plan to create a truly globalized economy, one where almost seven billion buy, sell, and trade with one currency. Of course, for that to happen, we'd need everyone using a similar style of government and, ideally, the same currency, right?

Not so long ago, there was talk about a portion of a global highway, one that theoretically could span six of seven continents. One leg of it would connect Mexico, the United States, and Canada that could move goods across borders unhindered throughout North America... and there were budgets provided to build that road. No walls, no checkpoints, no borders, and no sovereignty.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that what happens in one economic market is now affecting all of them. If the United States economy collapses, a global economic crisis would be the result, not just 300 million former capitalists lamenting over losing the good life. Even now, China, Russia, and other countries are starting to realize that the US dollar is no longer the safest currency to have their assets in.

Perhaps a new currency is needed that isn't directly wired to the fate of the US, a new international currency. Yep, it's been suggested. You know, the kind that every government trades with, or perhaps the currency that the one future world government will trade with.

So, still worried about conspiracies involving Elephants and Donkeys? One currency to rule them all!
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Duplicity vs. Know1ng vs. Galactica

Posted on 2009.03.20 at 11:03
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"The Man Show" vs. "Sex in the City"

Posted on 2009.03.19 at 12:34
I've admitted it before, but here it is again: I've seen every episode of "Sex in the City." It wasn't my choice, but in the interest of keeping the peace in a prior relationship, it was on the tube, and after a while I started paying attention.

In a vain attempt to keep my man card from being revoked, I've also watched a number of "The Man Show" episodes which, generally speaking, most women I've spoken with found sexist and misogynistic (no, really!) As the result of a recent conversation, it suddenly hit me that these two programs are actually opposite sides of the same coin: a gender-biased view of their skewed microcosm.

"The Man Show" started very tongue in cheek, more or less suggesting that, if two average guys could go through life and didn't have to answer to wives or girlfriends for their actions, this is how they'd do it (the lazy man inventions were the best). This was even made more absurd with the ready and willing cheerleader-like "Juggies," ladies happily serving seedy audience members mugs of beer who then afterward spent the credits jumping on trampolines in their underwear. It was so unbelievably tacky and over the top that no one reasonably intelligent could take it seriously, but as the show stretched on, they couldn't keep the level of absurdity above the actual "degradation of women" line and the show seemed to naturally die out on its own.

"Sex in the City," on the other hand, was originally a spoof of the NY singles culture that ended up carrying the torch instead of showing how often it was dropped. Men were the trophies, picked and passed over by four empowered women often torn between conquest and cohabitation. The first couple seasons actually brought up some serious relationship issues as well as pointing out how ridiculous the things that people concerned themselves with or placed value upon really were. By the third season, the mirror held up to single society was transparent, replaced with a rom-com that happened to feature the original players as part of a how-to guide. To do that, however, the characters evolved past their one-dimensional footnotes and headed into long-term relationship territory, as if that were the only choice for empowered women once they turned forty and were considered too old for the single's party scene.

I guess the real question is what actual influence either show actually had on our culture at all. Is there a rural Midwestern town somewhere where a couple of guys watching reruns of "The Man Show" are thinking "Where can we order one of those?" while the women huddle around "Sex in the City" and wonder if their local bartender knows how to make a Cosmopolitan?
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Trailer: 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs'

Posted on 2009.03.19 at 00:23
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Forrest J Ackerman's Farewell

Posted on 2009.03.17 at 00:49
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Title: Forrest J Ackerman's Farewell

Syfy: Sounds the Same, Means More?

Posted on 2009.03.16 at 17:54
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Title: Syfy: Sounds the Same, Means More?

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